Anti fatigue kitchen mats

Making an effort to provide employees with an area to provide security and help them prevent disease, may have an impact on increasing productivity and decreasing absenteeism due to disability. If there’s an job with high demands for the body, it’s working in a kitchen. In a kitchen, all workers must be standing for extendend periods of times, risking workers to feel pain, disconfort and a long list of physical health issues.

Standing for too long can lead to different problems on health. From their research, many experts confirm that the most common problems brought about directly by remain standing for more than two hours a day are: back pain, pain in the feet and legs, plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the fibrous tissue of the foot), restriction of blood flow, swelling of legs and feet and increased degeneration bony knees and feet.

The benefits that were tested after three hours of continuous use of anti-fatigue kitchen mats on the floor are:

• Reduced fatigue of back muscles.

• Improved circulation in the legs and feet.

• Lower back problems.

By installing anti-fatigue mats you can prevent all these problems, ensuring your workers and protecting their most precious gifth: their health.