Anti-Static Floor mats

The term static refers to the accumulation of excess electric charge in an area with low electrical conductivity, an insulator, so that the accumulation of charge persists. The effects of static electricity are familiar to most people because they can see, notice and even get to feel the spark discharges that occur when the excess charge of the charged object is placed close to a good electrical conductor (such as a conductor connected to ground) or other object with an excess of charge but with the opposite polarity.

Despite its nature, seemingly innocuous, in our experience in daily life, static electricity may have dangerous effects not negligible in situations where the charge accumulation occurs in the presence of sensitive materials or devices. For example, electronic components, electronic components, especially semiconductor devices are extremely sensitive to the presence of static electricity and can be damaged by electrostatic discharge. In the chemical Industry an electrostatic discharge can be very dangerous in places where it is flammable substances. A small spark can start the ignition of explosive mixtures with devastating consequences. This is the case of factories working with powders in the presence of combustible or explosive materials.

Due all these risk, having high quality anti-static floor mats are essential devices, in order to prevent all these problems and enhance  your employees safety. Think twice and choose the rigth ones to fit all your needings.