Anti-static mats

In any industry that implies working and handling electronic equipment, prevention of unwanted electrostatic discharge becomes a priority. The use of any device or product that prevents or helps prevent or eliminate static electricity to protect itself or other devices such as anti-static mats prevent damage caused by electrostatic discharge. It is therefore essential to have professional anti-static mats in workplaces where sensitive electronic equipment is used, and that contrary to common belief, the use of rubber soles is not enough.

These antistatic carpet, are available in two types, dissipative and conductive carpets are used to discharge static electricity carrying people, and are typically placed in locations handling sensitive electronic equipment, since the accumulated static in the body, can damage the equipment. Therefore, anti-static mats can bring other advantages, as these mats can acts like a non-slip surface, protecting even more all employees that works in your bussiness.

Choosing a high quality anti-static mat is important in order to protect your investment and your workers, because these mats are manufacturating in professional and specially disegned materials, that ensures its reliability, duration and performance.