Floor mat

Installing rugs and carpets provides many benefits, because they have unique characteristics not found in other coatings. Floor mats provides insulation and comfort, as the fibers and the sub base of the mats are excellent thermal insulators. In colder climates have the advantage of keeping longer tempered air, reducing heating costs. Furthermore, the surface temperature Seguir leyendo

Entry mats

When the humid weather begins, you may notice that your entry appears necessary to clean every few hours – especially if the entry experiences heavy traffic out of the streets. To stop the dust, dirt accumulation and humid at the point of entry, an entry mat is likely to be the solution. Entry mats helps Seguir leyendo

Industrial mats

There are a wide range of carpet, full of innovations to make the work ambiance a cleaner, comfortable and safe place.However, more than an esthetic product, industrial mats are designed to cover almost all needing of your company. In order to choose the carpet that best suits the working environment, you must determine all your Seguir leyendo

Anti-static mats

In any industry that implies working and handling electronic equipment, prevention of unwanted electrostatic discharge becomes a priority. The use of any device or product that prevents or helps prevent or eliminate static electricity to protect itself or other devices such as anti-static mats prevent damage caused by electrostatic discharge. It is therefore essential to Seguir leyendo