Waterhog mats

The seasons change very frequently, almost without our accounts. That is why we need an entry mat capable of adapting to the need of keeping inside the home or office spotless, whether outside is raining, snowing or hot. One of the main problems of the typical entrance mats is that those we work very well Seguir leyendo

Entrance mats

Entrance mats are the cost-effective solution to stop the dust, water and mud at the entrance, and prevent slipping. Dirt and dust are everywhere, and as a part of the land where we live, the control is an importat part of our daily existence. Today the management of dirt is an issue increasingly important because Seguir leyendo

Anti fatigue kitchen mats

Making an effort to provide employees with an area to provide security and help them prevent disease, may have an impact on increasing productivity and decreasing absenteeism due to disability. If there’s an job with high demands for the body, it’s working in a kitchen. In a kitchen, all workers must be standing for extendend Seguir leyendo

Switchboard mats

An important part of any electrical distribution system are switchboard mats. The purpose of these mats is to direct electrical power from one source to another. It’s construction implies certain number of panels, each one consist fo switches that allows redirect electricity . These switches allows users to regulate voltage transmitted to the connected appliance, Seguir leyendo

Vinyl loop mats

Entrance mats are the best defense that any comercial building or home can have against dirt and moisture. Even more if this is a high traffic area. If this is your situation, then vinyl loop mats will be just perfect in your entryway, due its properties and high benefits. Each loop in these vinyl mats Seguir leyendo