Anti-static mats

In any industry that implies working and handling electronic equipment, prevention of unwanted electrostatic discharge becomes a priority. The use of any device or product that prevents or helps prevent or eliminate static electricity to protect itself or other devices such as anti-static mats prevent damage caused by electrostatic discharge. It is therefore essential to Seguir leyendo

ESD mats

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is an electrostatic phenomenon that causes an electrical current flow suddenly and momentarily between two objects of different electrical potential, as the current in a lightning rod after being hit by lightning. The term is generally used in the electronics industry and other industries to describe momentary unwanted currents that may cause Seguir leyendo

Anti-Static Floor mats

The term static refers to the accumulation of excess electric charge in an area with low electrical conductivity, an insulator, so that the accumulation of charge persists. The effects of static electricity are familiar to most people because they can see, notice and even get to feel the spark discharges that occur when the excess Seguir leyendo

Conductive mats

Conductive mats are often used in order to protect workers and employees from high voltage and electrocution. These kind of mats have wide uses in industry, factories and any place where high voltage equipment are implied. These mats literally conduct electricity from the body to the ground, thus avoiding strong electric shock. Conductive mats really Seguir leyendo