Commercial kitchen mats

In the industry of hospitality and food handling, slips and falls are the cause of between 20 and 30% of accidents that end in long sick leave duración. The biggest problem is that the floors should be clean and smooth to being esailed  disinfected, but the presence of water, vegetable oils, animal fats, blood, flour and various biological wastes makes these surfaces very dangerous and falls are often serious because workers handle sharp objects. Floor cleanup is not enough to prevent it from all these risk.


To reduce the risks in the kitchens of restaurants and hotels, it is necessary to invest in a specific solution. Commercial kitchen mats are recommended in this type of work spaces, beig made of rubber compounds with specific designs, these mats provides a good grip and instant evacuation of liquids, are the most efficient solution, economical and durable, to reduce the risk of falls due to slipping. Similarly, providing a high degree of thermal insulation and acoustic, have high durability, slip-resistant, permeable and easy to clean, making it a product that can be adapted to various uses, not limited to the kitchen.


Falling objects cause much damage. Think of the dishes and glasses in the hotel industry, and utensils such as knives used in food handling. Commercial kitchen mats neutralize impact of these objects to fall, thus reducing breakage risk and noise, while protecting the floor. As you can see, the Commercial kitchen mats are essential items in commercial kitchens, as they protect your employees and your investment.