Conductive mats

Conductive mats are often used in order to protect workers and employees from high voltage and electrocution. These kind of mats have wide uses in industry, factories and any place where high voltage equipment are implied. These mats literally conduct electricity from the body to the ground, thus avoiding strong electric shock. Conductive mats really protect you and your workers from the risks involved when working with high voltage boards and / or power stations. Conductivp mats Prevents accidents and cares for the integrity of your dependents using real solutions, make them really useful and safe.

There are a number of conductive mats you can find on the market that can protect your workers against volts ranging from 7,500 to 30,000. Some mats have other properties like anti static. Mats of these types have a dual purpose of protecting not only your worker but also your sensitive electronic equipment.

The corrugated surface of conductive mats also provides non slip- protection along with its ability to insulate against up to 40.000 volts. These mats comes in differents variants, each protects in differents surfaces and situations. Some of these  are ozone, acid and flame resistant, while others are more thick or has a smooth surface  to make them easier to clean. In order to choose the conductive mat suitable for your needs, it’s better to consult an expert.