Diamont plate anti fatigue mats

There are some particular jobs that requires being stand for a long period of time. In these situations, there’s a great chance of body injuries, that includes joints and back problems, related to holding the same position. In this situations, a anti-fatigue mat could be the solution, but if it involves an industrial enviroment, a diamont plate anti fatigue mat is the ideal choose.

The anti-fatigue mat will minimize the risk of accidents caused by being standing during all the laboral journey. Besides, it provides a safe surface thar prevents slips and falls, making it perfect for places like production line, hallways, or to cover the area needed.

Another great quality of anti-fatigue mat is its high resistance to oils, alkalis and acids, providing greater durability in the life of the carpet industry, for you are made of a durable PVC skid layer on a base of sponge neoprene thickness of 15.8 mm.

This anti-fatigue mat is an ideal choice for dry areas in workshops, warehouses, factories, retail counters and general industry. Unimat brings you only the best products at the lowest market prices. Invest in safety, invest in a non-slip anti-fatigue mat with high performance qualities and durability.