Entrance mats

Entrance mats are the cost-effective solution to stop the dust, water and mud at the entrance, and prevent slipping. Dirt and dust are everywhere, and as a part of the land where we live, the control is an importat part of our daily existence. Today the management of dirt is an issue increasingly important because it has many implications of image, and health maintenance.

If you’re trying to figure it out why entrance mats are so important, you have to consider this facts:
• Over 85% of the powder is introduced into the interior on the soles of the shoes.

• Only 10% of the dirt can be removed by vacuuming the rugs.

• It’s ten times m toore easy trap dust at the entrance to pick it up inside.

• An entrance mat can capture and hold up to 6 pounds of dirt.

• Customers judge us from the main entrance: 91% of them choose to buy due places appearance.

Entrance door mats caught the dirt and dry the soles of the shoes at the entrance, improve the image to have cleaner floors, reduce the risk of slips and falls and reduce cleaning time and maintenance costs. There are a lot of benefits derivated from this simple but usefull items, becoming an important investment.