Entry mats

When the humid weather begins, you may notice that your entry appears necessary to clean every few hours – especially if the entry experiences heavy traffic out of the streets. To stop the dust, dirt accumulation and humid at the point of entry, an entry mat is likely to be the solution.

Entry mats helps to protect the carpet and hard floor from damage and soiling and are usually arranged in a variety of sizes and colors. A custom floor mat can give your company a premium brand image as both a practical and safe way to protect your employees, customers and visitors. Not only will savings from not having to replace expensive ground, but a logo on the mat of entry is a great way to reinforce the brand existing facilities and a great way to save money and cleaning time.

More importantly, mats will prevent slip and fall at the entrance. Government regulation is that people should be able to walk on the floor without fear of a slip despite any contamination, including water. Web sites of Government suggests that if the risk can not be eliminated, then sufficient provision as a good size entrance mat should be provided.

It is not only for the safety of employees, but visitors, so they must be used entrance mats. It is an additional benefit that brand reinforcement mats can provide much more positive for the traffic using the entrance