Floor mat

Installing rugs and carpets provides many benefits, because they have unique characteristics not found in other coatings. Floor mats provides insulation and comfort, as the fibers and the sub base of the mats are excellent thermal insulators. In colder climates have the advantage of keeping longer tempered air, reducing heating costs. Furthermore, the surface temperature of the carpet is several degrees higher than hard floors. Thus providing a comfortable place to work and live. Spaces give a greater sense of warmth and welcome.

Floor mats dramatically reduces the amount of pollutants. Simply put, what gets on your carpet (dust, allergens and many other pollutants that we breathe) tends to be trapped in the fiber, until it is removed by routine vacuuming. Unlike hard floors, which allow free movement of products, well maintained carpets have the advantage of improving air quality where they are installed.

All mats improves the acoustics of the places where they are installed, when absorb and block noise, mats have the advantage of improving productivity, relieving stress, increasing the level of welfare. Moreover, floor mats provides protection against accidents and falls. Many orthopedic specialists concur in indicating that the mats are ideal for cushioning the tension that occurs when you walk on them. They also reduce slips, falls and the consequences of these. Any object will suffer much less damage delicate falling on your carpeting. Provide a safe surface, not slippery, which is very suitable for children and the elderly.