Restaurant and bar mats

When coBar Matsnsidering which type of floor treatment would work better in restaurants,  one should considerer installing mats and carpets as first choice. Restaurants are places where mats becomes a necessity, as these places are perfect for taking all benefits that appropiate mats. Not only a good carpet, suitable for high traffic in dinning area, but in the kitchen non-slip and anti-fatigue mats are assential. Besides, a nice good-looking logo floor mat in the entryway will be an good advertising strategy.

Food preparation and cooking enviroments are constantly exposed to substances like water, greases, among others. Due the rapid pace that characterizes the work in a kitchen, keeping these areas clean is a priority along with the prevention of slips, accidents and, of course, employee comfort. Bar mats could fullfill all these needs.

Logotipo de Bar MatsThere are many mats in market, so when looking a good anti-fatigue mat for kitchen, choose the water-resistant, anti-slip ones. Kitchen mats also should have holes to allow liquids and particles to fall bellow the walking surface of the floor mats. This holes must be smooth and even, without cracks or lips that could catch debris.

For common areas, where customers are intended to be, it’s preferable to install good quality carpet, designed for withstand heavy traffic, easy to clean and maintain. There are excelent choices that will look your restaurant classy, tidy and cozy.