Rubber mats

Rubber mats are popular items today, as they offer superior versatility to those rugs  made of textile. Maintenance is also very simple and last longer than rugs made of wool. The rubber mats are an effective way to protect floor treatments as well as being ideal for indoor and outdoor., because rubber can resist solar radiation, humidity and all weather conditions without suffering any alteration to its structure and function.

One of the main advantages of rubber mats are waterproof properties and anti-slip. These mats do not absorb moisture, while functioning as a safety, prevent accidents such falls; while absorbs steps noises that could be disturbing.

The versatility of rubber allows, according to size, fulfill different functions. If they are small, can function as entry mats, which contribute to the maintenance of cleanliness, while if they are much larger, rubber mats can be used to practice yoga, all depends on its size and finish.  Because its durability, resistence, versatility, and usefull properties, there is no doubt that the rubber mats are almost impescindibles in any home or office.