Safety mats


Often, we believe that the carpets are just aesthetic elements, designed to make the rooms more comfortable and even embellish them with its presence. However, new technologies make us consider mats as key elements in the protection and safety of human beings who work in environments with high-risk conditions.


For example, for people working in contact with machinery that can deliver electric shocks, there are carpets for absorbing those discharges. At the same time, it is possible to achieve carpet capable of releasing the human body of excess static electricity. For places like the kitchen, where workers are prone to falls, slips and joint injuries due to the natural conditions of their work, there are safety mats, specially made of materials capable of repelling excess moisture, these mats can have drain holes and slip resistance  and also designs which avoid fatigue and make long-standing work more comfortable.


As you can see, the occupational hazards can be minimized considerably by using the right materials to make the work environment pleasant and safe space. That is why all business owners know that with minimal investment can ensure safety and comfort, simply by using appropriate safety mats fixed to suit every need.