Switchboard mats

An important part of any electrical distribution system are switchboard mats. The purpose of these mats is to direct electrical power from one source to another. It’s construction implies certain number of panels, each one consist fo switches that allows redirect electricity . These switches allows users to regulate voltage transmitted to the connected appliance, minimizing chances of any electric shock. Switch boards mats protects employees from any risk related with handling electric devices.

Real value of switchboard mats are related to security and protection. The risk of electrocution is a danger inherent to any industry and investing in proper equipment is mandatory. The huge number of non conductive mats can protect your workers against volts ranging from 7500 to 30000, so it’s pretty important knowing your needings before buying these equipments.

In other hand, switchboard mats can protect your workers from more than electrical damege, as it can acts as non-slip surface, due diamond or corrugations patterns, avoiding accidental falls, giving you more for a little investment. These mats are a necessity in most type of heavies industries, install them and you and your workers will be pleased and safe.