Vinyl loop mats

Entrance mats are the best defense that any comercial building or home can have against dirt and moisture. Even more if this is a high traffic area. If this is your situation, then vinyl loop mats will be just perfect in your entryway, due its properties and high benefits.

Each loop in these vinyl mats acts like a tiny knife that scraps every shoe that cross it. According with design, dirt falls to the bottom of the mat, preventing that next shoe can pick it up. Just one of these mats is enough to prevent the 90% of outdoor dirt from making its way inside. Thanks to construction and materials, vinyl loop mats can resist all kind of weather, from torrential rain to hottest summer, without show any sign of damage. Vinyl loop mats are made for heavy duty work.

Manintenance of vinyl loop mats can’t be easier: simply shaking or hosing with water it’s enough to make it look like brand new. These type of mats are considerer the best kind of outdoor mat available on the market, resistant, durable and reliable; nothing can help you to keep indoors’ tidiness than a vinyl loop mat.