Waterhog mats

The seasons change very frequently, almost without our accounts. That is why we need an entry mat capable of adapting to the need of keeping inside the home or office spotless, whether outside is raining, snowing or hot. One of the main problems of the typical entrance mats is that those we work very well in humid climates, as they tend to trap dust, but not water; often causing a small disaster that makes the problem worse. These issues are not problems with waterhog mats, because thanks to its design and structure, are able to fulfill its function.

Waterhog mats are developed specifically to trap dirt and water. They are made from rubber and you can find it in many different shapes and sizes. The rubber used in the manufacturing of these mats is durable, making it able to stand up well under any type of weather conditions. The material used in the manufacturing of these mats makes it quick drying.

Waterhog mats are designed to capture water and dirt from the shoes of persons and retain it on the mat. These mats are created with a waffled design that allows scrapes sand and water to be removed from shoes only by walking over the mat. The rubber backing prevents  soaking-through onto the floor. You’ll find these entry way mats in a variety of colors and shapes, from the classic rectangular sea to thin mats and decorative accent .